Bail Bonds in Warren County, PA

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Bail bonds

One of the most frightening situations you can find yourself in is inside a prison after you have been arrested and accused of an alleged crime. Things could go wrong even further when you or your loved ones have no money available to post your bail bond, which will allow you get released from jail until your court hearing. In such a challenging moment, you first need to calm yourself, think clear, and choose the most effective solution: Get in touch with a bail bondsman who can help a lot in getting you released from prison.

You are permitted at least one phone call after your arrest. Use that to get in touch with a family member and ask that person to reach out to a bail bond agent. Your loved one can use our site to look for a reputable bail bond agent in Warren County who can then post the required bail on your behalf to secure your temporary freedom.

What is bail?

When you or a family member ends up in jail, the primary goal is getting out of prison as soon as possible. Based on the number of cases, the court may not manage to get to your case in weeks or months. All that time, you will stay in jail except when you make bail.

There are several factors that can affect the amount, and if your case is bailable to begin with). For instance, the judge will consider your criminal record, the seriousness of the criminal offense you are charged with, whether you are likely to skip and if you are able to afford the bail.

Do I need to hire a bondsman?

If you are able to post bail by yourself, you don't need to have to employ the services of a bail bondsman. For one, they require a fee for their assistance, not to mention the collateral you must provide for what is certainly categorized as a loan.

In nearly all states, the bail bondsman will collect around 10-20% of the overall amount of the bail bond. You can't get this back even if you are cleared of the crime. On the upside, you don't need to worry about submitting the necessary documents or have to deal with court staff since the bondsman will take care of all that for you. Second, you will have a better chance of having your bail application accepted by virtue of the credibility and reputation of the bondsman alone. Lastly, due to their experience with the process, you can possibly be released from prison in a couple of hours.

Finally, the bondsman understands the importance of a good first impression while appearing in court. If you are committed to the local or federal prison, you are going to be transported to the courthouse in the official inmate's jumpsuit. On the other hand, if you are out on bail, you are able to dress well and ensure a good impression on the judge and jury.

How the bail bonds process works

Bear in mind: When you get arrested and taken into custody for an alleged criminal offense, instantly ask for an attorney to work with you and protect your rights. Also, get in touch with a trusted friend to link you up with a bail bondsman to start the bail bonds process. When this link is made, the bail bondsman will want answers to simple questions such as the defendant's name, date of birth, and the location or city of the arrest. The bail bondsman will then propose to pay the bail bond for you in return for a reasonable service fee. Once the deal is made, the bail bondsman will continue with the necessary actions to have you released from prison. In a matter of hours, following the action taken by your bail bondsman, you can walk out of jail, a free man once more.

What info should I have when calling a bondsman?

When getting in touch with a bail bondsman, make certain you have:

  • The full name of the accused
  • The name of the prison the offender is jailed in
  • The booking number
  • The charges
  • Any other relevant information you can think of

Will the bondsman require collateral ?

If a bonding company will ask for collateral for posting bail will vary between cases, however, it is commonplace in the industry. As for the kind of collateral that is accepted, the list is simply way too long to mention all of it. But if a bail bondsman thinks that an item has value, it can be used as collateral. Listed below are just a couple of examples:

  • House or property
  • Vehicles, boats, yachts
  • Jewelry or gemstones
  • Shares, stocks or equities
  • Bank accounts
  • TV, appliances or other devices
  • Antiques or art collections
  • Farm equipment

And when available, you can also make use of payment options provided by a bail bondsman.

If you or a friend are in danger of staying in jail for quite some time simply because you are not able to raise the amount of money, a bondsman is the only option that is left. By using our site you can find a bonding company in Warren County. A lot of them are open 24x7.

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