Bail Bonds in Pike County, PA

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Bail bonds

If you have been arrested for a major crime, you will have to remain in prison while awaiting the bail hearing. At the bail hearing, the judge will set the amount of bail that will get you released from jail. If you or your family can raise the money, then there's no problem. But if you don't have any funds available, you are forced to remain behind bars while waiting for your trial -- a scary thing to contemplate. Thankfully, there is a way out of your predicament: You or a friend can get assistance from a bondsman who can post your bail to the court, get you released from jail.

But how do you contact a bondsman ? That's where this site can assist you: We can help you find a reputable and dependable bail bondsman in Pike County who can pay the needed bail to allow you to get out of prison.

Just what is a bail bond?

A bail bond is a surety bond that is supplied by a bonding company to help secure the release of an arrested person so they can await their court date outside of prison.

There are two types of bail bond, particularly a criminal bail bond and a civil bail bond.

A criminal bail bond comes into play in criminal cases. It guarantees that the defendant shows up during the trial and at the same time guarantees that the defendant will pay the fines and penalties required by the court.

Civil bail bonds are for civil cases. These provide surety on the debts, interests, and costs imposed on the offender.

Should I hire a bondsman?

When you are able to pay bail by yourself, you don't need to employ the services of a bonding company. For one, they require a small charge for their service, as well as the collateral you need to provide for what is certainly classified as a loan.

In nearly all states, the bonding company will charge about 10-20% of the total amount of the bond. You will not get this refunded even when you are acquitted of the charge. On the upside, you don't need to stress over submitting the paperwork or dealing with court personnel since the bail bondsman will handle everything for you. Secondly, you will have a better chance of getting your bail request approved because of the credibility and reputation of the bondsman alone. Third, due to their familiarity with the process, you can possibly be released from prison in a couple of hours.

And lastly, the bail bondsman knows the advantage of a good first impression while appearing in court. When you are transferred to the regional or federal jail, you are going to be hauled to the courtroom in the official prisoner's jumpsuit. On the other hand, if you made bail, you can dress smartly and make a good impression on the judge and jury.

How does the bail bond process work?

Choosing the right bondsman is important. Sadly, there are shady companies out there that take advantage of unsuspecting families who are already desperate .

Make sure you are ready when you get in touch with a bondsman. Ask all questions you might have, and only once all your questions are answered should you take the next steps of hiring their services. They can then continue with paying the bail and submitting the necessary papers to get you or a family member released.

What your bail bondsman needs to know about you

When you or a family member connect with a bonding company, they will ask for the following details:

  • The name of the accused
  • The name and location of the jail where the accused is held
  • The booking number in the police blotter
  • The complaints filed against the defendant
  • Any extra related information

Collateral that a bail bondsman can accept

You are seeking the support of a bondsman because you have no quick source of cash to use for putting up your bail. But of course bondsmen will not shell out money in your place without needing a guarantee that they will be repaid. They will need collateral in the form of your possessions such as:

  • Realty
  • Automobiles
  • Bank accounts
  • Expensive jewelry
  • Bonds
  • Shares
  • Credit cards
  • Private credit

Don't get disheartened by the amount of money you need to pay back. Your bail agent will probably offer you easy payment terms. The bonding company's affordable fee is not much compared to the peace of mind that the bail bondsman in Pike County will bring you by ensuring your release from prison in the quickest manner possible by streamlining the bail bonds procedure. Be assured that somebody can assist you in times of need. You or your family member can choose from the bail bondsmen listed on our website. Most of them are open for business 24x7.

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