The Bail Bonds Process

When the unexpected happens it can become difficult to have a plan of action and know which steps to take. In the situation of a friend or family member being in jail, the bail bonds process is something you may not know enough about. However, it’s important to know how a bail bond works in order to help your friend or family member easily and quickly in a time of need. A bail bond agency will enable you to have a friend/relative released from jail without needing to pay up the entire bond. An agency typically collects a specific amount (typically %10) of the entire bail amount to guarantee the Court your friend or relative will attend all hearings that are required.

Contact you’re nearest 24 hour bail bond agent

The first thing you need to do before anything is contact your nearest 24 hour bail bond agent. You want to speak to an agent immediately because it can take a while for a bail bond to be processed.

Series of questions of relative or friend who is detained

Before making the call you need to be aware that you will be asked a series of questions. These questions usually consist of specific information about your relative or friend who is detained. The questions usually are the person’s legal name, date of birth, the charge, and where they are being held, etc. Therefore, it is important to know all the important and relevant information before making a call to a bail bond agency.

Saying yes to a bail

A bail “yes” is saying you are paying the required percentage of the total bail bond amount, and the Bail Yes Bonding will typically cover the additional 90% of the bail amount. Although you have to remember paying that 10% means you are ensuring your friend or relative will be attending all court hearings required.

Contacting the jail

The next step that follows accepting the bail is that the agency will contact the jail to determine the exact bail information to arrange your friend or relative’s release. Your job is to wait by the phone to receive a call from your agency confirming the arrangements have been made.

Have patience!

This process can be stressful, no doubt! However, you need to try and remain calm and have patience because many detention facilities have a slow processing system and usually have a backed up phone line. Trust in your bail agent, they will confirm with you the release status and charges as soon as they receive an answer.