What Is Bail?

While you may know what bail means, you may not know it well enough, because bail can be a very complex concept. So what is bail exactly? Bail is where the U.S. criminal justice system allows a defendant’s release from custody with the requirement of attending all required court proceedings. Here is a fun bail bond fact; people who pledged their personally owned property as security for the bond created bail bonds. Hopefully, that helps you understand how it works a little better! Although bonds still may seem like a simple concept, you’re in for a surprise. There are a wide variety of different types of bonds – yes there is more than one type of bond! Below we briefly go over some of the type of bonds for your knowledge and convenience:

Surety bail bonds

These types of bonds are only available through privately licensed bail agents. This is often known as the “private” system of bail, and the defendant’s appearance is solely the responsibility of the bail agent. The Surety Bail Bond is the most effective type of bail system.

Cash bonds

The defendant, or a relative or friend on their behalf, is required to pay the Court in full to be released. This is a hard choice of bond because usually the full amount of the bond is exceedingly large! Unless you have money to hand in up front, then cash bonds will be great for you. However, the defendant’s appearance at Court is still required.

Own recognizance bonds

This bond system is specifically in place for those have not been arrested before. Their only duty is to swear before the court swearing they will appear to all required court dates on their own account. In addition, not every person who hasn’t been arrested before gets this treatment, it sometimes depends on the severity of the situation.

Professional bonds

Professional bonds are for individuals who wish to use their personal property through a state license as collateral for posting bond. The way this is done properly, is the court monitors the liability that is written because it can’t exceed a specific percentage of the property value.

Pre-trial release bonds

This type of bond is while the case is still in pending, the defendant is released from the jail. However, this release usually does begin with a bond like any other release. Pre-Trial Release Bonds are simply just a government operated bail system.