Reasons To Use A Bail Bonds Service

Many people who are dealing with a loved one residing in jail aren’t sure whether to use a bail bond or not. The most frequently asked question is, “do I need to use a bail bondsman?”, and the answer is no, you don’t have to use a bail bond agency to post bail. However, there are many reasons to use a bail bonds service. Not only is it the most commonly used tool when someone needs to be released from jail, but also it is the easiest and fastest option. If that doesn’t convince you enough, below we have the top reasons why you should use a bail bonds service.

Save money

Unless you have a spare fifty grand lying around, a bail bond agency is the way to go. They do not require a large sum of money upfront, just a small percentage of the bail amount to be released. However, if you’re like most people, you probably don’t have $50K on hand ready to be spent! This is where a bail bonds agency comes in handy, you will save a load of money you can’t afford right away. For example, if you owe fifteen thousand, you only have to pay $1,500 for your friend or relative to be released. Nothing is better than saving a ton of money, right?


A bail bond agent is ultimately the most convenient source. Most agents are available 24-hours to deliver assistance at any time. Also, in most cases, they accept over the phone payments and credit or debit cards. There is no need for a cashiers check or cash only, which takes time and can’t be done immediately. Not to mention, most agencies work quickly! You should be able to see your loved one released the if not the same day, the next day.


The beauty of a bail bond agency is every case is handled discretely and safely. They are 100% a secure option to ensure complete personal information protection. When choosing to contact a bail bond agency they usually ask a series of personal questions so that is why you can rest assured that your information will be secured and not shared with anyone.

Avoid staying in jail

Without any kind of bond payment, your friend or family member stays in jail until they release you on your own terms, or not at all. Contacting a bail bond agent is the best thing you can do until the court hearings. Avoid staying in jail by paying a small price and attending court.