Bail Bonds in St. Francois County, MO

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Bail bonds

In its essence, a bail bond is a kind of promise that you will show up at the trial at the date specified. In return, you are allowed to walk free even if you are still awaiting trial for a civil or criminal charge. Without a bail bond, you will sit in jail while waiting on the court to decide on either conviction or acquittal. A bail bondsman can put up bail for you and get you out of jail.

Depending on the charge, the cost of bail can be expensive. Very few accuseds can put up the bail bond. Certainly there's a reason why the penal system is overloaded. But there's a legal solution to gain your temporary freedom even if your case is still in progress. With our website you can locate a respectable bondsman in St. Francois County.

Exactly what is a bail bond?

A bail bond is a surety bond that is supplied by a bonding company to help secure the release of an arrested individual so they can await their court date outside of jail.

There are 2 types of bail bond, particularly a criminal bail bond and a civil bail bond.

A criminal bail bond comes into play in criminal cases. It guarantees that the accused shows up during the trial and at the same time guarantees that the accused will pay the fines and penalties required by the court.

Civil bail bonds are for civil cases. These provide surety on the debts, interests, and costs imposed on the accused.

Should I hire a bail bondsman?

When you are able to put up bail by yourself, you certainly don't have to hire a bonding company. For one, they ask a fee for their service, in addition to the collateral you need to provide for what is definitely classified as a loan.

In nearly all states, the bondsman will charge a fee of around 10-20% of the overall amount of the bail. You can't get this refunded even when you are acquitted of the charge. However, you don't need to bother with submitting the paperwork or need to deal with court personnel because the bail bondsman will handle all that for you. Secondly, you will have a better chance of getting your bail petition accepted by virtue of the reputation of the bail bondsman alone. Lastly, due to their familiarity with the process, you can be out of jail in a matter of hours instead of days.

Finally, the bondsman understands the advantage of a good impression while appearing in court. When you are committed to the regional or federal prison, you will be hauled to court in the official inmate's jumpsuit. In contrast, if you are out on a bail bond, you can dress well and ensure a good first impression on the court.

How does the bail bond process work?

Choosing a good bail bondsman is important. Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous companies around that take advantage of unsuspecting families who are already desperate .

So be prepared when you talk to a bail bondsman. Ask all your questions, and only after all your worries are quelled should you take the subsequent steps of employing them. They can then proceed with posting the bail and submitting the required documents to get you or your loved one released from jail.

Preparing to meet with a bail bondsman?

You should have have the following info on hand when speaking with the bonds agent:

  • The offender's name
  • The prison, city, and county where the suspect is committed
  • The accused's booking number
  • The charges against the offender
  • The amount of money of the bail

What is accepted as collateral?

In most cases, the bondsman requires collateral with the deal. This is reasonable considering the risks involved. A prisoner is a possible flight risk, and are countless examples where a bonds company had to employ a bounty hunter to bring back the fleeing offender.

But what is acceptable as collateral? Essentially, when a bondsman considers something valuable, you can use it as a guarantee for the bond. Below are a number of examples:

  • Realty
  • Vehicles
  • Equities
  • Jewelry
  • Electronics
  • Bank accounts
  • Visa or mastercard

If you find that the bail bond is too expensive, bail bonds companies have payment plans that you can make use of. Just talk to the bondsman to figure out what option is best suited in your situation.

You can use our site to look for a bonding company that is perfect for you. Most of them operate day and night, ready to assist you or your loved one to spend the least amount of time in jail as possible.

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