Bail Bonds in Elk County, KS

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Bail bonds

When an individual is jailed and booked for a severe criminal offense, they should wait in jail until a bail hearing. It is at this bail hearing that the judge sets the bail amount. If that person can't raise the amount, they need to stay in prison up until their court hearing. But that does not always have to hold true; they can also seek the help of a bail bondsman.

Sadly, many people wind up remaining in prison up until their court date since many do not have a large amount of cash sitting around in the bank.

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Definition of bail bond

A bail bond allows the defendant to be released from the custody of the authorities coupled with some prerequisites set by the judge. For one, they are not allowed to get out of the state as long as the trial is ongoing. If the offender runs away or neglects to go to the scheduled trial in spite of repeated summons, the court is going to forfeit the bail.

The bail bond applies to either civil and criminal charges. By taking on the the surety, the bonding company in Elk County is accountable to the court if the accused takes off.

Should I hire a bondsman?

If you can afford to pay bail by yourself, you certainly don't need to have to work with a bail bondsman. For one, they require a small fee for their assistance, in addition to the collateral you need to provide for what is undoubtedly categorized as a loan.

In almost all states, the bondsman will charge a fee of about 10-20% of the overall amount of the bail bond. You will not get this back even if you are acquitted of the crime. However, you don't need to worry about filing the paperwork or dealing with court staff because the bail bondsman will handle all that . Second, you will have a better chance of getting your bail application accepted by virtue of the reputation of the bail bondsman alone. Thirdly, due to their familiarity with the procedure, you can be released from jail in a couple of hours.

Finally, the bail bonds company understands the benefit of a good impression while appearing in court. If you are transferred to the local or federal prison, you will be hauled to court in the official inmate's uniform. On the other hand, if you are out on bail, you are able to dress well and make a good first impression on the judge and jury.

How does the bail bond process work?

Choosing the right bail bondsman is very important. Unfortunately, there are dishonest individuals out there who take advantage of unsuspicious families who are already desperate for help.

So be prepared when you talk to a bondsman. Ask all your questions, and only once all your questions are answered should you continue with the subsequent steps of employing them. The bonding company can then proceed with posting the bail and filing the necessary documents to get you or your loved one out.

What info does a bail bondsman need?

When you speak to a bail bondsman, they will want to know:

  • The full name and age of the offender
  • The location where the offender is locked up
  • The booking number and the charge

What is accepted as collateral?

Almost always, the bail bondsman requires collateral with the deal. This is reasonable considering the risks involved. A prisoner is a possible flight risk, and there have been numerous occasions where a bonding company needed to hire a bounty hunter to recover the fleeing offender.

But what is acceptable as collateral? In a nut-shell, if a bail bondsman considers an asset valuable, you are able to use it as collateral for the bail. Below are a few examples:

  • Real estate
  • Vehicles
  • Stocks
  • Jewelry
  • Electronic devices
  • Bank accounts
  • Credit cards

If you can't afford the bond right now, bonding companies usually offer payment options that you can use. Simply speak with the bail bondsman to determine what option is best suited in your situation.

Use this website to search for a bail bondsman that will be perfect for you. Most of them are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, ready to help you or a family member to spend the as little time as possible in prison.

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