Bail Bonds in Champaign County, IL

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Bail bonds

In its essence, a bail bond is a kind of assurance that you will attend the hearing at the specified date. In return, you will be allowed to remain free despite the fact that you are still undergoing trial for a criminal or civil charge. Alternatively, you will sit in prison while awaiting the court to rule on either acquittal or conviction. A bail bondsman can post bail for you and get you released from jail.

Depending on the charge, the cost of bail can be expensive. Not a lot of accuseds are able to post the bond. There's a good reason why the penal system is overloaded. However, there's a lawful manner in which to earn your temporary freedom even while your case is on-going. Using our website you can find a respectable bondsman in Champaign County.

Use a bail bond to gain temporary freedom after getting arrested

The law permits a bail bondsman to post a bail bond, also known as surety bond, to help those arrested and accused of a criminal offense get temporarily released from prison while awaiting their court hearing.

The law allows two kinds of bail -- a criminal bail bond and a civil bail bond.

To make it clear, a court does not require a criminal bail bond to penalize you for your alleged crime. You are still innocent up until proven guilty. Nonetheless, the judge requires a guarantee that you will show up in court to face your accuser; therefore, the need to post bail. If you attend all your arranged criminal procedures as promised, and you are in the end found not guilty, the bail amount will be given back to you. If you are condemned, the bail money will be used to cover the fines and penalties that the court may impose on you. If you skip the court appearances, your bail will be forfeited and you will be subject to arrest.

On the other hand, the civil bail bonds imposed on civil cases serve as an assurance or a surety with the court where the debts, claims, and costs imposed on the defendant can be paid from.

Do I need to hire a bondsman?

When you can afford to post bail by yourself, you don't need to have to work with a bonding company. For one, they ask a small charge for their assistance, not to mention the collateral you have to provide for what is definitely categorized as a loan.

In nearly all states, the bonding company will charge about 10-20% of the overall amount of the bond. You can't get this money back even if you are cleared of the offense. However, you don't have to worry about submitting the paperwork or have to deal with court staff since the bonding company will handle all that . Besides that, you will have a better prospect of getting your bail application approved by virtue of the credibility and reputation of the bondsman alone. Thirdly, as a result of their experience with the procedure, you can be out of jail in a couple of hours.

And finally, the bail bonds company recognizes the advantage of a good impression while appearing in court. When you are transferred to the local or federal prison, you will be transported to the courthouse in the official prisoner's uniform. On the other hand, if you are out on bail, you are able to dress well and ensure a good first impression on the judge and jury.

How the bail bonds process works

Remember this: If you get arrested and taken into custody for a supposed crime, instantly request for a lawyer to speak for you and protect your civil rights. In addition, contact a reliable person to link you up with a bondsman to start the bail procedure. As soon as this contact is made, the bondsman will need answers to simple questions such as the accused's name, birthdate, and the location or city of the arrest. The bail bondsman will then propose to pay the bail bond in your place in return for a reasonable service fee. Right after the agreement is made, the bonding company will go ahead with the necessary actions to have you released. Within hours, following the actions taken by your bail bondsman, you can walk out of jail, free once more.

What your bondsman needs to have from you

After you or a family member link up with a bail bondsman, the latter will ask the following questions:

  • The name of the defendant
  • The name and location of the jail where the suspect is detained
  • The booking number in the police blotter
  • The complaints filed against the accused
  • Any extra relevant details

Collateral that a bonding company can accept

Your lack of immediate cash is the main reason why you are looking for the aid of a bail bondsman. They will offer to pay your bail bond in return for you putting one or some of your possessions up as collateral. These assets may include:

  • Bank accounts
  • Real estate
  • Stocks
  • Visa or mastercard
  • Personal credit
  • High-priced jewelry
  • Cars
  • Bonds

You can expect the bondsman to propose you a reasonable repayment plan that you can afford. During this tough moment in your life, the bail bondsman can help alleviate your concerns and simplify the bail procedure for you. Many {bondsmen can be contacted|bonding companies are open for business 24/7. Using our website you can find a respectable bondsman in Champaign County who can assist you in securing your freedom once more.

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