Bail Bonds in Lake and Peninsula Borough, AK

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Bail bonds

When a person is jailed and taken into custody for a major criminal offense, they should wait in jail up until a bail hearing. It is at this bail hearing that the judge determines the bail . If that person can't raise the amount, they need to remain in jail up until their court hearing. But that does not always have to hold true; they can also seek out the help of a bondsman.

Unfortunately, most people wind up staying in jail up until their court date since a lot of do not have a large amount of cash available in the bank.

Our website will assist you with bailing out your loved ones by connecting you to reliable and affordable bail bond agents in Lake and Peninsula Borough.

Use a bail bond to gain temporary freedom after getting arrested

The legal system allows a bail bondsman to post a bail bond, also known as surety bond, to help persons arrested and accused of a criminal offense get temporarily released from prison while awaiting their court hearing.

The law allows two types of bail bond-- a criminal bail bond and a civil bail bond.

To make it clear, a judge does not require a criminal bail bond to punish you for your supposed crime. You are still presumed innocent till proven guilty. Nonetheless, the judge needs a guarantee that you will show up in court to face your accuser; hence, the need to post bail. If you attend all your scheduled criminal proceedings as promised, and you are in the end acquitted, the bail amount will be repaid to you. In case you are found guilty, the bail will be used to take care of the fines and penalties that the court may impose on you. If you miss the court hearings, the bail will be lost and you will be subject to getting arrested.

On the contrary, the civil bail bonds enforced on civil cases work as a guarantee or a surety with the court where the financial obligations, claims, and charges imposed on the offender can be paid from.

Do I need to hire a bondsman?

When you can afford to put up bail on your own, you don't have to employ the services of a bail bondsman. For one, they require a small fee for their service, as well as the collateral you must provide for what is undoubtedly categorized as a loan.

In almost all states, the bail bondsman will charge a fee of around 10-20% of the total amount of the bond. You can't get this money refunded even if you are cleared of the charge. On the upside, you don't need to worry about filing the paperwork or dealing with court staff since the bail bondsman will handle all that for you. Besides that, you will have a better chance of having your bail request accepted by virtue of the credibility and reputation of the bondsman alone. Lastly, due to their experience with the process, you can be out of jail in a couple of hours.

And lastly, the bail bonds company recognizes the advantage of a good impression while appearing in court. When you are committed to the regional or federal jail, you are going to be transported to the courtroom in the official inmate's uniform. In contrast, when you are out on bail, you are able to dress smartly and ensure a good impression on the court.

How does the bail bond process work?

Finding the right bondsman is important. Unfortunately, there are shady businesses out there who exploit unsuspicious people that are already desperate .

Make sure you are ready when you speak with a bail bondsman. Ask all questions you might have, and only after all your questions are answered should you take the next steps of hiring them. The bonding company can then start with posting the bail and submitting the required documents to get you or your loved one released.

What information does a bonding company need?

When you speak to a bondsman, they will need to know:

  • The full name and age of the offender
  • The prison where the accused is held
  • The booking reference number and the charge

Collateral that a bondsman can accept

You are looking for the support of a bonding company due to the fact that you have no quick source of money to use for paying your bail. But needless to say bonding companies will not pay out cash on your behalf without an assurance that they will be paid back. They will require collateral in the form of your possessions like:

  • Real estate
  • Automobiles
  • Bank accounts
  • Jewelry
  • Bonds
  • Stocks
  • Credit cards
  • Personal credit

Don't get intimidated by the amount of money you have to repay. Your bondsman may offer you easy payment terms. The bond company's reasonably-priced rate is nothing compared to the peace of mind that the bail bondsman in Lake and Peninsula Borough has brought you by securing your release in the quickest manner possible by making easier the bail bonds procedure. Be assured that someone can really help you in times of great need. You or your family member can choose from the bonding companies listed in our website. The majority of them are open for business 24x7.

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