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Bail bonds

Among the most scary situations you can find yourself in is inside a jail cell after you have been apprehended and charged with an alleged crime. Things can go wrong even further if you or your loved ones have no immediate money available to post your bail , which will allow you get released from jail until your court hearing. In such a difficult moment, you first have to relax yourself, think straight, and go with the most helpful solution: Contact a bail bondsman who can help a lot in getting you out of prison.

You are allowed at least one phone call following your arrest. Use that telephone call to contact a loved one and ask that person to reach out to a bail bond agent. Your loved one could visit our website to find a reliable bail bondsman in City of Lexington who can then post the required bail in your place to get you your temporary freedom.

Use a bail bond to gain temporary freedom after getting arrested

The legal system allows a bail bondsman to put up a bail bond, also called surety bond, to help people arrested and accused of a crime get temporary freedom while waiting for their court hearing.

The legal system allows two kinds of bail bond-- a criminal bail bond as well as a civil bail bond.

To be clear, a judge does not require a criminal bail bond to punish you for your alleged crime. You are still presumed innocent until proven guilty. However, the court needs to have an assurance that you will appear in court to face your accuser; thus, the need to post bail. If you participate in all of your scheduled criminal procedures as required, and you are eventually found not guilty, the bail amount will be returned to you. In case you are found guilty, the bail amount will be used to cover the fines and penalties that the court may impose on you. If you miss the court hearings, your bail will be lost and you will be subject to arrest.

On the contrary, the civil bail bonds imposed on civil cases function as a guarantee or a surety with the court where the debts, claims, and fees imposed on the offender can be drawn from.

Do I need to hire a bail bondsman?

When you are able to post bail by yourself, you certainly don't need to have to hire a bonding company. For one, they require a small charge for their assistance, as well as the collateral you need to provide for what is certainly categorized as a loan.

In nearly all states, the bonding company will charge a rate of around 10-20% of the total amount of the bail bond. You will not get this money back even if you are acquitted of the charge. On the upside, you do not have to bother with filing the paperwork or dealing with court staff because the bonding company will take care of all that . Besides that, you will have a better chance of getting your bail petition approved because of the credibility and reputation of the bonding company alone. Lastly, due to their experience with the process, you can possibly be out of prison in a couple of hours.

And lastly, the bonding company knows the benefit of a good impression on the judge and jury. If you are transferred to the regional or federal jail, you are going to be transported to court in the official inmate's jumpsuit. On the other hand, if you are out on bail, you can dress well and ensure a good first impression on the court.

How does the bail bonds process work

Keep in mind: In the event that you are arrested and booked for an alleged criminal offense, immediately request for a lawyer to work with you and protect your civil rights. Also, call a trusted friend to link you up with a bail agent to begin the bail procedure. As soon as this is done, the bonding company will want answers to general questions such as the accused's name, date of birth, and the area or city of the arrest. The bail bondsman will then propose to put up the bail bond in your place in return for a service fee. Once the agreement is made, the bail bondsman will go ahead with the steps to have you released from prison. In a matter of hours, following the actions taken by your bondsman, you can walk out of prison, free once again.

What information should I have when contacting a bonding company?

When calling a bondsman, ensure you know:

  • The full name of the defendant
  • The name of the prison the defendant is incarcerated in
  • The booking number
  • The charges
  • Any other relevant info you can think of

What does a bail bondsman accept as collateral?

Not everyone will have the cash lying around to pay a bonding company, however that does not mean you can not use one to get yourself or another person out of jail. If you do not have enough money, you can also put up a few of your possessions as collateral. Some things usually accepted as collateral include:

  • Realty
  • Cars and trucks
  • Credit cards
  • Stocks
  • Bonds
  • Jewelry
  • Personal credit
  • Bank accounts

Furthermore, most bail bondsmen will also offer you with the option for a payment plan that you can afford and does not add more stress throughout these difficult times.

The bail bonds procedure can be complicated and just as wearisome, however the bright side is that the majority of bail bondsmen are ready to support you 24×7. With our website you can find a credible bonding company in City of Lexington. They will be more than delighted to help you secure you or your loved one from prison!

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