What Rights Do Immigrants Have?

The immigrants also possess rights as mentioned below if they get arrested in the US:

Right to equality before the law: Immigrants have the right to be treated fairly even if they are arrested. The procedure of trial followed for them is same as it is for the normal citizen and if found guilty the quantum of punishment is the same as for the citizens of the country. This means that the police, law or any authority cannot unjustly keep an immigrant in the jail. The proper process of court trial has to be followed and the punishment for the guilty has to be equal even if he is a citizen of some other country.

Right to Defence Against Deportation: Only an immigration judge can order the deportation of an illegal immigrant in the EOIR (Executive Office for Immigration Review) after a fair trial before the immigration judge in the immigration court. Such an immigrant has a full right to hire an immigration attorney to defend his case in the court.

Other rights For Immigrants: Immigrants can file a case for any kind of discrimination against them in an unlawful search by police or any authority without a search warrant. Even the immigrants have the right to hire a bail bondsman in case he lacks sufficient funds for the bail.

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