What Are Immigration Bonds And How Do They Work?

The immigration bonds ensure that the accused immigrant upon his release on a bail bond shows up for the subsequent court hearings whenever he is required. The collateral is returned after the dismissal of the case in the immigration court in a similar way as in the case of a normal trial. Types of immigration bonds are:

Delivery Bond: In this type of bond the arrested immigrant is released to get ready for the court hearing on the condition that they have to appear for the court hearings failing which will lead to the forfeiture of the bond. Eligibility for a delivery bond is a Notice of Custody Conditions and Warrant of Arrest be presented by ICE

Voluntary Departure Bond: Some detained immigrants may be given the choice to leave the US on their own expenses within a time limit. When the detainee leaves the country the bond is refunded back but if he fails to leave the country in the specified time frame the bond is forfeited.

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