How Do I Know A Good Bail Company From A Bad One?

Some points which help you to differentiate between a good bail company from a bad one:

  • You must consider how old the bail bond company is into the business
  • What are the reviews and ratings of the previous clients of the company
  • Check whether the company has a valid license to run their bail bonds business
  • Check their policies whether they are clear, straightforward and honest
  • Check the 24×7 availability of the agents
  • Agents should be able to answer all your queries patiently and clear all the doubts you have pertaining to the case and the bond
  • Agents should not be avoiding your questions and concerns and be giving you excuses like they are busy or lack of time etc.
  • You should not hire a bail agent who contacts you on his own and offers his services. You must confirm that the bail agent you are hiring has been recommended by your representative

In any case, if you are not satisfied by your bail agent or company you should contact the Department of Insurance and file a formal complaint.

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