Can The Bail Agent Arrest Me And Put Me Back In Jail For Any Reason If They Want To?

A bail bondsman can invalidate the bond for some reasons as specified on a form given by the agent called a Disclosure. Some of these reasons are listed below:

  • Information provided in the bail application of the defendant is found to be false.
  • The bail amount is increased by the court which is beyond the policies of the bail company.
  • Damage to the collateral property.
  • A change in the address or phone number or employer of the defendant without informing the bail agent.

Re-arrest of the defendant for another crime while he is released on bail. Minor traffic violation crimes may be excluded in this case.

  • Defendant’s failure to show up in court on the scheduled dates
  • Defendant found guilty by court
  • Request by indemnitor to revoke the bond pertaining to any of the reasons stated above
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