After Arrest, How Long Before I Get Booked, Processed And Ready For A Bondsman To Post My Bond?

Once you get arrested the jail authorities complete the formalities and paperwork. The time taken for this process varies and depends upon how busy that jail is at the time of your arrest. But the general procedure is similar to all the cases. Like it may take half or one hour in the booking room where the legal paperwork related to the arrest is completed.

The person arrested is then taken to an area called “first pit” where the fingerprints, snapshots, and information of the accused is taken. This whole procedure takes about an hour or so. The arrestee can call his friends or knowns from a pay phone if he wishes to.

After this, he is moved to”pre-trial services“ where he may be detained for another half an hour for a brief interview to decide whether he can be released on his own recognizance or a bail needs to be fixed for his release.

If a bail is required for his release he is taken to the “second pit.” Here he or anyone on his behalf may contact the bail agent. Depending on how long the agent takes to prepare and send the bail bond papers to jail, the release of the arrestee is usually within 2-4 hours after the official posting of the bond.

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