Bail Bonds in Haskell County, TX

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Bail bonds

When an individual is jailed and taken into custody for a serious criminal offense, they should wait in jail until a bail hearing. It is during this bail hearing that the judge determines the bail . If that person can't raise the amount, they have to remain in prison up until their court date. However that does not always need to be the case; they can also seek out the services of a bail bondsman.

Regrettably, the majority of people wind up remaining in prison up until their court appearance due to the fact that the majority of do not have a large amount of cash sitting around in the bank.

Our site will assist you with bailing out your loved ones by connecting you to reputable and affordable bail bond representatives in Haskell County.

What is a bail bond?

If you or a friend ends up in prison, the primary goal is getting out of jail . Based on the number of cases, the court may not have the opportunity to take your case in weeks or months. All that time, you will stay behind bars unless you make bail.

There are a number of aspects that will affect the amount, and if your case is bailable at all). For instance, the court will look at your criminal record, the severity of the offense you are being charged with, whether you are a flight risk and if you are able to pay for the bail.

How useful is a bail bond?

A bail bondsman is your biggest hope to not spend too much time in jail if you don't have enough cash available to post your bail. A bonding company usually requires a non-refundable rate of 10% of the bail. That is no more than reasonable, taking into consideration the risk the bail bondsman is taking in putting up the bail bond. In any case, the most pressing concern is to get you out of prison, and for that to happen have to find a trustworthy bondsman in your local area.

A deal with a bonding company is also helpful since they can assist in your release from prison, simplifying a complex legal procedure. You can just contact a bondsman who will offer you a deal and ask you to give the required information about yourself, or an individual you want to bail out of jail. In case you accept the agreement, you can simply sit tight and wait for the bondsman to post the bail in your place.

Obviously you still have to attend your court hearing. However, now that you're free on a bond, you can appear before a judge in your own clothes. If you had stayed in jail because you could not afford to pay bail, you would appear in court in a prison jumpsuit -- and that does not make a good impression. A bail bondsman makes it possible for you to have a respectable appearance before the judge, which matters a lot because first impressions matter.

How does the bail bond process work?

Choosing the right bail agent is very important. Sadly, there are unscrupulous agents out there that exploit unsuspecting families who are already desperate .

Make sure you are ready when you contact a bonding company. Ask all questions you might have, and only once all your questions are answered should you take the next steps of employing them. The bail bondsman can then start with posting the bail and submitting the required papers to get you or a friend out.

Information your bondsman needs

If you get in touch with a bonding company, you need to provide the following details:

  • Your full name if you are the offender
  • The name and location of the jail where the accused is held
  • The booking number in the police blotter
  • The charges filed against the offender
  • Any other related details

What does a bail bondsman accept as collateral?

Not everyone will have the cash lying around to pay a bonding company, but that does not mean you can not use one to get yourself or someone else out of prison. If you don't have sufficient cash, you can also put up some of your assets as collateral. Some things ordinarily accepted as collateral are:

  • Real estate
  • Cars and trucks
  • Visa or mastercard
  • Stocks
  • Bonds
  • Jewelry
  • Personal credit
  • Bank accounts

Furthermore, most bail bondsmen will also provide you with the possibility for a payment plan that is within your budget and does not add more stress throughout these trying times.

The bail bonds procedure can be complicated and equally wearisome, but the good news is that most bail bondsmen are ready to support you 24×7. Using our site you can find a credible bondsman in Haskell County. They will be more than happy to help you get you or your loved one from prison!

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