Bail Bonds in Bedford County, TN

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Bail bonds

Essentially, a bail bond is a kind of promise that you are going to show up at the court hearing at the date specified. In return, you will be permitted to remain free despite the fact that you are still awaiting trial for a civil or criminal charge. Alternatively, you will stay jail while waiting for the court to rule on either acquittal or conviction. A bondsman can pay bail for you and get you released from prison.

Depending on the charge, the amount of bail could be steep. Very few suspects have the ability to put up the bail. Certainly there's a good reason why the penal system is overloaded. However, there's a legal solution to gain your temporary freedom even if your case is still in progress. Using our site you can search for a trusted bail bondsman in Bedford County.

Definition of bail bond

A bail bond will allow a offender to leave the custody of the police along with some stipulations specified by the court. For one, the suspect is not permitted to leave the state while the lawsuit is ongoing. If the accused runs away or fails to show up at the trial despite multiple summons, the judge will forfeit the bond.

A bail bond is applicable to both civil and criminal indictments. With the surety, the bondsman in Bedford County is accountable to the court in case the accused takes off.

Why should I care about a bail bond?

Unless you are planning to remain in jail, you have to get out on bail. Unfortunately, very few people can afford it, and that is why a bonding company is very important to anybody that would like to wait for their trial out of jail.

The amount of bail {will vary|depends on a lot of different aspects. For example, two individuals that committed the same criminal offense can have very different bails set. This occurs because the court will take into consideration your financial situation, prior arrests, your roots in the community, and whether you are likely to run.

In nearly all states, the cost of a bail bond is typically 10-20% of the overall bail, and this will not be refunded.

Furthermore, the bondsman can help you with the complicated judicial proceedings. It's more convenient to employ their services then to deal with the court on your own.

How the bail bonds process works

Don't forget: In the event that you are arrested and taken into custody for an alleged crime, instantly demand for a lawyer to represent you and protect your civil rights. Also, contact a trusted person to link you up with a bonding company to begin the bail procedure. As soon as this link is made, the bail bondsman will need answers to general questions such as the accused's name, date of birth, and the location or city of the arrest. The bondsman will then propose to post the bail bond in your place in return for a service fee. Immediately after the agreement is made, the bonding company will move forward with the steps to secure your release from prison. In a matter of hours, after the action taken by your bail bondsman, you can walk out of prison, a free man once again.

What your bail bondsman needs from you

After you or a friend get in contact with a bondsman, the latter will ask for the following details:

  • The full name of the defendant
  • The name and location of the prison where the suspect is held
  • The booking number in the police blotter
  • The complaints filed against the accused
  • Any other related info

Collateral that a bail bondsman can accept

You will be seeking the support of a bondsman precisely because you have no quick source of money to use for putting up your bail. But needless to say bondsmen will not shell out money on your behalf without a guarantee that they will be paid back. They will require collateral in the form of your assets such as:

  • Real estate
  • Vehicles
  • Bank accounts
  • Precious jewelry
  • Bonds
  • Stocks
  • Credit cards
  • Private credit

Don't get discouraged by the amount of money you must pay back. Your bail bondsman will give you reasonable payment terms. The bond company's affordable fee is not much compared to the comfort that the bail bondsman in Bedford County has brought you by ensuring your release from prison in the fastest way possible by making easier the bail procedure. Be assured that someone can assist you in these times of great need. You or your family member can take your pick from the bail bondsmen listed on our website. Most of them are open for business 24 hours a day.

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