Bail Bonds in Clarendon County, SC

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Bail bonds

If you have been detained for a severe crime, you must stay in prison while awaiting the bail hearing. At the bail hearing, the court will determine the amount of bail that will get you released from prison. If you or your family has the money, then there's no problem. But if you don't have any available funds, you will be forced to stay in prison while waiting for your trial -- a scary prospect to consider. Thankfully, there is a solution: You or a friend can look for assistance from a bondsman who can pay your bail to the court, get you released from jail.

But how can you connect with a bonding company ? That's where this website can help: We will help you locate a reputable and dependable bonding company in Clarendon County who can pay the necessary bail to allow you to leave jail.

Definition of bail bond

A bail bond allows the accused to leave the custody of the police coupled with some prerequisites specified by the court. As an example, the accused is not allowed to leave the state as long as the lawsuit is on-going. If the accused runs or neglects to attend the trial despite repeated summons, the court is going to forfeit the bail.

A bail bond is applicable to both civil and criminal indictments. With the surety, the bail bond company in Clarendon County is accountable to the court in case the suspect flees.

Should I hire a bail bondsman?

If you can afford to pay bail on your own, you don't have to employ the services of a bail bondsman. For one, they require a small fee for their assistance, as well as the collateral you have to provide for what is certainly classified as a loan.

In almost all states, the bondsman will charge around 10-20% of the total amount of the bail. You will not get this refunded even when you are cleared of the offense. On the upside, you do not have to worry about submitting the necessary documents or need to deal with court personnel because the bonding company will handle all that . Besides that, you will have a better chance of having your bail petition approved by virtue of the reputation of the bail bondsman alone. Lastly, because of their familiarity with the process, you can be released from jail in a couple of hours.

And finally, the bonding company knows the advantage of a good first impression while appearing in court. When you are committed to the regional or federal jail, you are going to be transported to the courthouse in the official prisoner's jumpsuit. On the other hand, when you are out on a bail bond, you are able to dress well and make a good impression on the court.

How does the bail bond process work?

Finding the right bail bondsman is very important. Unfortunately, there are deceitful agents around that prey on unsuspicious people who are already desperate .

Make sure you are ready when you speak with a bondsman. Ask all your questions, and only once all your doubts are quelled should you continue with the subsequent steps of hiring their services. They can then proceed with paying the bail and submitting the required papers to get you or your loved one released.

What info should I have when getting in touch with a bail bondsman?

When getting in touch with a bail bondsman, make sure that you have:

  • The full name of the offender
  • The name of the jail the accused is jailed in
  • The booking number
  • The charges
  • Any other relevant info you can think of

Collateral that a bonding company can accept

Your lack of available money is the main reason why you are looking for the assistance of a bondsman. The latter will offer to provide your bail in return for you putting one or some of your assets up as collateral. These assets include things like:

  • Bank accounts
  • Real estate
  • Stocks
  • Credit cards
  • Personal credit
  • Precious jewelry
  • Cars
  • Bonds

You can expect the bondsman to propose you a fair payment plan that you can afford. In this difficult moment in your life, the bail bondsman will help ease your worries and simplify the bail procedure for you. Most {bail bondsmen can be contacted|bonding companies are open 24/7. Using our site you can locate a credible bail bondsman in Clarendon County that will support you in securing your freedom .

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