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Bail bonds

If you have been detained for a serious criminal offense, you need to stay in jail while waiting for the bail hearing. During the bail hearing, the court will determine the amount of bail that will get you released from jail. If you or a friend can quickly raise the money, then everything is fine. But if you don't have any available funds, you will be forced to remain in jail while awaiting your trial -- a scary thing to consider. Luckily, there is a solution: You or a friend can seek assistance from a bondsman that can put up your bail to the court, to allow you temporary freedom.

But how can you contact a bondsman ? That's where this site can help: We will help you search for a reputable and dependable bail bondsman in Charleston who can pay the required bail to allow you to get released from prison.

Exactly what is a bail bond?

A bail bond is a surety bond that is offered by a bonding company to help secure the release of an apprehended individual so they can await their court hearing outside of jail.

There are 2 types of bail bond, specifically a criminal bail bond and a civil bail bond.

A criminal bail bond comes into play in criminal cases. It makes sure that the defendant appears during the trial and at the same time guarantees that the defendant will pay the fines and penalties imposed by the court.

Civil bail bonds are for civil cases. These provide surety on the financial obligations, interests, and costs imposed on the defendant.

Do I need to hire a bondsman?

If you are able to pay bail on your own, you don't need to have to employ the services of a bondsman. For one, they ask a fee for their assistance, not to mention the collateral you must provide for what is undoubtedly categorized as a loan.

In nearly all states, the bail bondsman will charge a rate of about 10-20% of the overall amount of the bail bond. You can't get this back even if you are acquitted of the charge. However, you don't need to worry about submitting the paperwork or have to deal with court personnel since the bondsman will handle everything . Besides that, you will have a better chance of getting your bail application approved because of the reputation of the bondsman alone. Thirdly, because of their familiarity with the procedure, you can be released from prison in a matter of hours .

Lastly, the bonding company understands the importance of a good first impression on the judge and jury. When you are committed to the regional or federal prison, you are going to be hauled to the courtroom in the official inmate's uniform. In contrast, if you are out on a bail bond, you are able to dress well and ensure a good impression on the judge and jury.

How does the bail bonds process work?

To start the bail bonds process, you first need to search for a bail agent. You can do that in person, over the phone and even online. Given the stringent adherence to professionalism, a bondsman will gladly walk you through the bail bond process and straighten out any doubts that you might have.

Time is of the essence during this procedure. When the bail agent answered all of your concerns to your complete satisfaction, the bail bondsman will handle all of the procedures needed to get you or your loved one released from jail.

To ensure all goes smoothly, a bondsman needs to have the accused's name, birthdate, and the location or city of the arrest. With this information, the agent will be able to gather additional info from the jail system needed to secure the release. After dealing with all the formalities, the bail bondsman will go over to the prison to get the accused released.

Utilizing a bail bondsman to bail out yourself or somebody you love is that easy, you can be out of jail and reunited with your loved ones in a matter of hours.

What details does a bail bondsman need?

When you get in touch with a bonding company, they will need to know:

  • The full name and age of the offender
  • The location where the suspect is held
  • The booking reference number and the charge

Will the bail bondsman require collateral ?

If a bail bondsman will ask for collateral for will vary between cases, but it is common in the business. As for the type of collateral that is accepted, the list is just way too long to mention all of it. Suffice to say that if a bail bondsman thinks that an item has value, it could be acceptable as collateral. Listed below are just a few examples:

  • Real estate or land
  • Cars, boats, yachts
  • Jewelry or gems
  • Shares, stocks or equities
  • Bank accounts
  • TV, appliances or gadgets
  • Antiques or art collections
  • Farm equipment

And when available, you can also take advantage of payment options provided by a bondsman.

If you or your loved ones are in danger of staying in jail for quite some time simply because you can not raise the amount of money, a bail bondsman is the only course of action that is left. On our website you can look for a bail bondsman in Charleston. A lot of them are open for business 24x7.

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