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Bail bonds

In its essence, a bail bond is a sort of guarantee that you are going to show up at your trial at the specified date. In return, you are permitted to remain free even if you are still undergoing trial for a civil or criminal charge. Without a bail bond, you will stay jail while awaiting the court to rule on a verdict. A bondsman can post bail for you and get you out of prison.

Depending on the charge, the amount of bail could be expensive. Not a lot of accuseds have the ability to pay the bond. There's a good reason why the penal system is overburdened. But there's a legal manner in which to earn your temporary release even when your case is on-going. With our website you can look for a reliable bonding company in Utica.

Just what is a bail bond?

A bail bond is a surety bond that is provided by a bonding company to help with the release of a jailed person so they can await their court hearing outside of prison.

There are 2 types of bail bond, specifically a criminal bail bond and a civil bail bond.

A criminal bail bond comes into play in criminal cases. It guarantees that the offender appears during the course of the trial and at the same time ensures that the offender will pay the fines and penalties imposed by the court.

Civil bail bonds are for civil cases. These offer surety on the debts, interests, and expenses imposed on the offender.

How helpful is a bail bond?

A bail bondsman is your best opportunity to not spend considerable time in prison in case you don't have sufficient cash available for bail. A bail bondsman generally asks for a non-refundable rate of 10% of the bail. That is just reasonable, looking at the risk the company is taking in putting up the bond. In any case, the most pressing concern is to get you released from prison, and for that have to search for a reliable bail bondsman in your city.

A deal with a bondsman is also helpful given that they can assist in your release from jail, simplifying a complicated judicial procedure. You can just reach out to a bail agent who will offer you a deal and request you to give the necessary information about yourself, or somebody you would like to bail out of prison. If you accept the contract, you can just sit tight and wait for the bondsman to post the bail for you.

Needless to say you still have to attend your court hearing. However, now that you're free on bail, you can appear before a judge in your own clothes. If you had remained in prison for failure to pay bail, you would show up in court in a prison uniform-- and that's not a pretty sight to see. A bondsman makes it possible for you to have a decent appearance in court, which really matters a whole lot considering that first impressions matter.

Here's how the bail bonds process works

When you get detained and accused of a supposed felony, the first thing that you need to do is to call a attorney and someone, perhaps even the lawyer himself, who can hook you up with a bonding company to begin the bail bonds procedure. You or your representative can deal with the bail bondsman who is going to ask you common questions like the accused's name, birthdate, and the area or city of the arrest. The bondsman will then offer you an agreement for putting up your bail bond. Upon your approval of the arrangement, the bail bondsman will handle all the formalities to secure your release. With the help of the bondsman, you can leave jail and be in the c ompany of your loved ones once more.

Information your bail bondsman needs to know

When you speak to a bail bondsman, you need to provide the following details:

  • Your name if you are the suspect
  • The name and location of the prison where the suspect is held
  • The booking number in the police blotter
  • The complaints filed against the suspect
  • Any extra relevant information

What is accepted as collateral?

In most cases, the bondsman requires collateral with the deal. This is understandable, taking into consideration the risks that are involved. An offender is a flight risk, and are many examples where a bonds company needed to employ a bounty hunter to recover the fleeing defendant.

But what is acceptable as collateral? Basically, when a bail bondsman considers something valuable, you can use it as a guarantee for the bail bond. Listed below are a some examples:

  • Real estate
  • Autos
  • Equities
  • Jewelry
  • Electronics
  • Bank accounts
  • Credit cards

If you can't afford the bail bond right now, bonding companies usually have payment plans that you can use. Just speak with the bail bondsman to determine what option is the best one with regard to your circumstances.

Use our website to find a bonding company that will be perfect for you. Almost all of them are open 24x7, ready to help you or your loved one to spend the as little time as possible in jail.

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