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Bail bonds

If an offender is detained, he or she will have to spend time in prison while waiting for a bail hearing. This hearing is a process in which the judge is going to determine the amount of money that serves as a guarantee to the court for the temporary freedom of the defendant. But not everybody can put up the requested amount of bail, and when that is the case he or she would have to stay in prison throughout the trial. Fortunately, {it is possible to enlist the services of|you can make use of the services of a bondsman to pay for the bail bond.

On our website you can find reliable bonding companies in New Rochelle that can make sure that you or your loved ones can exercise their right to freedom, at least up till the sentencing.

Why does a judge impose a bail bond ?

The legal system allows the services of a commercial bonding company to post a bail bond, also called surety bond, to help a suspect gain temporary freedom while waiting for their trial.

The legal system allows two kinds of bail -- a criminal bail bond and a civil bail bond.

To make it clear, a court does not impose a criminal bail bond to punish you for your supposed crime. You are still innocent up until proven guilty. That being said, the court needs to have an assurance that you will appear in court to face your accuser; therefore, the requirement to post bail. If you attend all your scheduled criminal procedures as required, and you are eventually found not guilty, the bail will be repaid to you. In case you are condemned, the bail amount will be used to take care of the penalties and fines that the judge may impose on you. If you miss the court appearances, your bail will be forfeited and you will be subject to getting arrested.

The same justification holds with civil bail bonds. The bail enforced on civil cases functions as a guarantee or a surety that the suspect will have the ability to pay the fines and penalties that the judge can enforce on the accused after the trial.

Should I hire a bondsman?

If you are able to put up bail by yourself, you don't need to employ the services of a bail bondsman. For one, they ask a small charge for their service, not to mention the collateral you have to provide for what is definitely classified as a loan.

In almost all states, the bonding company will charge a fee of around 10-20% of the overall amount of the bail bond. You can't get this money back even if you are cleared of the crime. On the upside, you don't have to stress over submitting the paperwork or have to deal with court staff because the bondsman will handle everything for you. Second, you will have a better chance of getting your bail request accepted by virtue of the credibility and reputation of the bonding company alone. Lastly, because of their experience with the procedure, you can possibly be out of prison in a matter of hours .

Lastly, the bail bondsman recognizes the benefit of a good first impression on the judge and jury. When you are transferred to the local or federal jail, you will be hauled to the courthouse in the official prisoner's jumpsuit. On the other hand, when you are out on a bail bond, you are able to dress smartly and make a good first impression on the court.

How does the bail bond process work?

Choosing a good bail bondsman is very important. Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous businesses around that take advantage of unwary families that are already desperate for help.

So be prepared when you get in touch with a bondsman. Ask all questions you might have, and only after all your questions are answered should you continue with the subsequent steps of hiring them. They can then start with posting the bail and submitting the necessary papers to get you or a friend released from prison.

What your bondsman needs to know about you

When you or a family member get in touch with a bail bondsman, the latter will ask for the following info:

  • The full name of the offender
  • The name and location of the jail where the suspect is held
  • The booking number in the police blotter
  • The complaints filed against the accused
  • Any extra important details

What is accepted as collateral?

Almost always, the bail bondsman requires collateral with the transaction. This is understandable, taking into consideration the risks that are involved. An inmate is a possible flight risk, and there have been plenty of examples where a bail bondsman had to employ a bounty hunter to recover the fleeing defendant.

But what is acceptable as collateral? In a nut-shell, when a bonding company considers something valuable, you can use it as a guarantee for the bond. Listed below are a number of examples:

  • Real estate
  • Automobiles
  • Shares
  • Jewelry
  • Electronics
  • Bank accounts
  • Credit cards

If you find that the bond is too high, bonding companies have payment plans that you can use. Simply talk to the bail bondsman to figure out what option is the best one with regard to your circumstances.

Use this website to find a bondsman that will be perfect for your needs. Most of them operate day and night, ready to assist you or a family member to spend the as little time as possible in jail.

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