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Bail bonds

Essentially, a bail bond is a type of assurance that you will show up at your hearing at the date specified. In return, you are allowed to remain free even though you are still undergoing trial for a criminal or civil charge. Otherwise, you will remain prison while waiting for the court to decide on either conviction or acquittal. A bail bondsman can post bail for you and get you out of jail.

Depending upon the charge, the cost of bail could be high. Very few suspects can post the bail. Certainly there's a reason why the correctional system is overloaded. However, there's a lawful solution to gain your temporary freedom even while your case is on-going. With our website you can find a respectable bonding company in Albany.

What is bail?

If you or a family member lands in prison, the primary goal is getting released from jail as soon as possible. Based on the backlog of cases, the judge may not manage to get to your case in weeks or months. During that timespan, you have to stay in prison unless you get out on bail.

There are a number of factors that will impact the amount, and whether your case is bailable at all). As an example, the court will take a look at your criminal record, the seriousness of the offense you are being accused of, whether or not you are a flight risk and if you can pay for the bail.

A bail bondsman is your way to freedom

A bail bondsman is your quick link to freedom after your apprehension. If you don't have sufficient funds to bail yourself out and gain temporary freedom, your best course of action is a reliable bail bond company that will post the bail on your behalf. Most bail bond companies ask a fee of 10% of the total bail amount. That is no more than fair, taking into account the risk the bail bondsman is taking in putting up the bond. If you fail to appear in court, the judge will forfeit the bail put up by the bondsman. In any case, you do not need to trouble yourself with the financial calculations right now. Your most immediate concern is to get yourself released from jail, and a reliable bonding company can make that happen for you.

Moreover, you do not need to bother yourself with the complex judicial process in putting up bail since the bail bondsman will deal with that to help with your release from jail. All that needs to be done is for you or your representative to call a trustworthy bail bondsman. That person will propose you a deal, offering to pay your bail to get you out of jail in return for a small fee. With your permission, the bail bondsman will then post the bail in your place, releasing you from police custody.

You still have to go to your trial though. However, you will be coming to court in normal clothes and not in a prison jumpsuit. That could boost your self-confidence as you defend yourself from your accuser. Aside from that, the judge hearing your case will likely have a more good impression of you, rather than if you were to arrive in court dressed in jail attire, appearing like you're already guilty of the offense you're charged with even before the court can make a ruling. You can say thanks to your bondsman for making this possible.

How does the bail bond process work?

Choosing a good bonding company is very important. Unfortunately, there are shady agents around who prey on unsuspecting families that are already desperate for help.

Make sure you are ready when you speak with a bail bondsman. Ask all questions you might have, and only once all your doubts are quelled should you continue with the subsequent steps of employing their services. They can then continue with paying the bail and submitting the required documents to get you or a family member out.

Information your bail bondsman needs to know

When you contact a bail bondsman, you need to share these details:

  • Your full name if you are the accused
  • The name and location of the jail where the suspect is held
  • The booking number in the police blotter
  • The charges filed against the offender
  • Any extra important information

What is accepted as collateral?

In most cases, the bonding company will ask for collateral with the deal. This is reasonable considering the risks involved. A prisoner is a flight risk, and are many examples where a bail bondsman had to employ a bounty hunter to bring back the fleeing suspect.

But what is acceptable as collateral? Essentially, if a bonding company considers an asset valuable, you are able to use it as a guarantee for the bail bond. Below are a some examples:

  • Real estate
  • Automobiles
  • Shares
  • Jewelry
  • Electronic devices
  • Bank accounts
  • Credit cards

If you find that the bail bond is too high, bonding companies often offer payment options that you can use. Just talk to the bondsman to figure out what option is the best one when it comes to your circumstances.

You can use our site to look for a bonding company that will be perfect for your needs. Many of them are open 24/7, ready to help you or your loved one to spend the as little time as possible in prison.

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