Bail Bonds in Storey County, NV

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Bail bonds

Essentially, a bail bond is a type of assurance that you are going to attend the trial at the date specified. In return, you will be permitted to remain free despite the fact that you are still undergoing trial for a civil or criminal charge. Without a bail bond, you will remain prison while awaiting the court to decide on either acquittal or conviction. A bonding company can put up bail for you and get you released from jail.

Depending upon the charge, the cost of bail could be steep. Not a lot of defendants are able to post the bail bond. There's a good reason why the correctional system is overloaded. However, there's a lawful solution to earn your temporary release even if your case is on-going. With our site you can find a trusted bail bondsman in Storey County.

Why does a judge impose bail ?

The law permits the services of a bondsman to post a bail bond, also called surety bond, to help an offender get temporary freedom while awaiting their trial.

The law allows two sorts of bail bond-- a criminal bail bond and a civil bail bond.

To be clear, a court does not impose a criminal bail bond to penalize you for your alleged crime. You are still innocent till proven guilty. However, the judge needs to have an assurance that you will appear at trial to face your accuser; thus, the requirement to post bail. If you show up at all of your arranged criminal procedures as required, and you are eventually acquitted, the bail will be repaid to you. In the case that you are condemned, the bail amount will be used to pay for the fines and penalties that the judge might enforce on you. If you skip the court appearances, your bail will be lost and you will be subject to arrest.

The same justification applies to civil bail bonds. The bail enforced on civil cases serves as a guarantee or a surety that the offender will have the ability to pay the penalties and fines that the judge might impose on the offender after the trial.

Should I hire a bondsman?

If you are able to post bail by yourself, you certainly don't have to work with a bonding company. For one, they ask a small fee for their service, in addition to the collateral you have to provide for what is undoubtedly categorized as a loan.

In almost all states, the bonding company will charge a fee of about 10-20% of the total amount of the bail bond. You can't get this money back even if you are acquitted of the charge. However, you do not need to stress over filing the necessary documents or have to deal with court staff because the agent will handle all that for you. Besides that, you will have a better prospect of getting your bail request accepted by virtue of the credibility and reputation of the bonding company alone. Thirdly, as a result of their familiarity with the procedure, you can be out of jail in a matter of hours .

Lastly, the bondsman knows the importance of a good first impression on the judge and jury. When you are committed to the local or federal jail, you are going to be transported to court in the official prisoner's uniform. On the other hand, if you made bail, you can dress smartly and make a good impression on the court.

How the bail bonds process works

Keep in mind: If you are arrested and booked for an alleged criminal offense, instantly request for a lawyer to represent you and protect your civil rights. In addition, contact a reliable friend to connect you with a bail bondsman to begin the bail process. When this contact is made, the bonding company will need answers to basic questions such as the defendant's name, birthdate, and the area or city of the arrest. The bail bondsman will then propose to put up the bail money for you in return for a reasonable service fee. Once the agreement is made, the bonding company will proceed with the necessary actions to have you released. In a matter of hours, following the actions taken by your bail bondsman, you can walk out of jail, a free man once more.

What your bail bondsman needs to know about you

After you or a family member get in touch with a bondsman, the latter will ask for the following info:

  • The name of the accused
  • The name and location of the jail where the defendant is held
  • The booking number in the police blotter
  • The charges filed against the defendant
  • Any other important details

Collateral that a bonding company can accept

You will be seeking the support of a bondsman precisely because you have no quick source of cash to use in paying your bail. But obviously bail bond companies will not shell out cash on your behalf without having an assurance that they will be paid back. They will require collateral in the form of your assets such as:

  • Real estate
  • Cars
  • Bank accounts
  • Precious jewelry
  • Bonds
  • Equities
  • Credit cards
  • Private credit

Don't get discouraged by the amount you must pay back. Your bondsman will offer you reasonable payment terms. The bonding company's reasonably-priced fee is not much compared to the comfort that the bail bondsman in Storey County has brought you by ensuring your release from jail in the quickest manner possible by simplifying the bail bonds process. Be assured that somebody out there can help you in these times of great need. You or your representative can choose from the bail bondsmen listed on our website. Most of them are open for business 24x7.

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