Bail Bonds in Morton County, ND

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Bail bonds

Essentially, a bail bond is a sort of guarantee that you are going to show up at your trial at the specified date. In return, you are allowed to remain free even if you are still awaiting trial for a civil or criminal charge. Alternatively, you will remain prison while awaiting the court to rule on either acquittal or conviction. A bondsman can post bail for you and get you released from jail.

Depending on the allegation, the cost of bail can be steep. Not a lot of suspects can post the bail. Certainly there's a reason why the penal system is overburdened. However, there's a lawful manner in which to gain your temporary release from jail even if your lawsuit is on-going. With our site you can search for a trusted bonding company in Morton County.

Definition of bail bond

A bail bond will allow a suspect to be released from the custody of the police along with some preconditions specified by the court. As an example, the accused is not permitted to get out of the state as long as the trial is on-going. If the offender flees or neglects to attend the scheduled trial in spite of repeated summons, the court will forfeit the bail.

The bail bond is applicable to both criminal and civil indictments. With the surety, the bondsman in Morton County is responsible to the court in case the offender takes off.

Why should I care about bail?

Except if you are planning to stay in prison, you will have to get out on bail. Unfortunately, not many individuals have the money available, and that is why a bail bondsman is of utmost importance to anybody who would like to wait for their trial out of jail.

The exact amount of bail {will vary|depends on a lot of different factors. For example, two persons who committed the same criminal offense can have very different amounts of bail. This can happen because the judge will take cognizance of your financial circumstances, previous arrests, your family ties to the area, and whether or not you pose a flight risk.

In most states, the rate charged by the bail bondsman is usually 10-20% of the overall bail amount, and you will not get this back.

Additionally, the bail bondsman can assist you navigate the complicated judicial proceedings. It's more convenient to employ their services then to deal with the court by yourself.

How does the bail bond process work?

Finding a good bail agent is very important. Sadly, there are shady individuals out there that take advantage of unsuspecting people that are already desperate .

Make sure you are ready when you talk to a bondsman. Ask all your questions, and only after all your doubts are quelled should you take the next steps of employing them. The bail bondsman can then start with posting the bail and submitting the required paperwork to get you or a friend released.

What info should I have when calling a bonding company?

When calling a bondsman, ensure you know:

  • The full name of the defendant
  • The name of the jail the defendant is jailed in
  • The booking number
  • The charges
  • Any other relevant info you can think of

What is accepted as collateral?

Almost always, the bondsman will ask for collateral with the deal. This is understandable, considering the risks that are involved. An offender is a flight risk, and are countless occasions where a bonds company had to employ the services of a bounty hunter to recover the fleeing suspect.

But what is accepted as collateral? Basically, if a bondsman considers something valuable, you can use it as a guarantee for the bail. Listed below are a few examples:

  • Real estate
  • Automobiles
  • Equities
  • Jewelry
  • Electronics
  • Bank accounts
  • Credit cards

If you find that the bond is too expensive, bonding companies have payment options that you can make use of. Just speak with the bondsman to determine which option is best suited in your situation.

You can use this site to find a bondsman that is perfect for your needs. Most of them are open day and night, ready to assist you or your loved one to spend the least amount of time in jail as possible.

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