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Bail bonds

Among the most scary situations you can end up in is inside a prison after you have been apprehended and accused of an supposed criminal offense. Things might go wrong even further when you or your family have no immediate cash available to post your bail , which will allow you get released from jail until your court hearing. During such a difficult moment, you first have to relax yourself, think clear, and choose the most helpful solution: Get in touch with a bail bondsman who can really help a lot in getting you out of prison.

You are permitted at least one phone call after your arrest. Use that to connect with a loved one and request that person to reach out to a bail bondsman. Your loved one can use our site to look for a reliable bail bond agent in Metairie who can then post the required bail on your behalf to secure your freedom.

Just what is a bail bond?

A bail bond is a surety bond that is offered by a bonding company to help with the release of an arrested individual so they can await their court date outside of prison.

There are two kinds of bail bond, particularly a criminal bail bond and a civil bail bond.

A criminal bail bond comes into play in criminal cases. It makes sure that the accused appears during the trial and at the same time guarantees that the defendant will pay the fines and penalties imposed by the court.

Civil bail bonds are for civil cases. These provide surety on the financial obligations, interests, and expenses imposed on the defendant.

Why should I care about a bail bond?

Except if you are planning to stay in prison, you need to make bail. However, not a lot individuals can come up with the money, which is why a bonding company is of utmost importance to anybody that would like to await their trial outside of jail.

The exact amount of bail {will vary|depends on a lot of different factors. As an example, two persons who committed the exact same crime can have very different bail amounts. This occurs because the judge will take into consideration your financial situation, prior arrests, your roots in the area, and whether or not you pose a flight risk.

In most states, the cost of a bail bond is usually 10-20% of the total bail amount, and this is non-refundable.

In addition, the bonding company can assist you with the complex judicial proceedings. It's easier to hire a bail bondsman then to deal with the legal system on your own.

How does the bail bond process work?

Finding a good bondsman is important. Unfortunately, there are shady companies around that exploit unsuspecting families who are already desperate for help.

Make sure you are ready when you contact a bonding company. Ask all your questions, and only once all your worries are quelled should you take the subsequent steps of employing them. The bonding company can then continue with paying the bail and submitting the required documents to get you or your loved one released from prison.

What information should I have when contacting a bail bondsman?

When contacting a bondsman, make sure that you have:

  • The full name of the offender
  • The name of the prison the defendant is jailed in
  • The booking number
  • The charges
  • Any other relevant information you can think of

Will the bondsman need collateral for their service?

Whether or not a bail bondsman will ask for collateral for putting up bail differs between cases, but it is commonplace in the business. As for the kind of collateral that is acceptable, the list is just too long to mention all of it. Suffice to say that if a bail bondsman believes that an item is valueable, it could be used as collateral. Listed below are just some examples:

  • House or land
  • Cars, boats, yachts
  • Jewelry or gems
  • Shares, stocks or equities
  • Bank accounts
  • TV, appliances or other devices
  • Antiques or art collections
  • Farm equipment

And if available, you can also take advantage of payment options offered by a bonding company.

If you or a family member run the risk of remaining in jail for quite some time because you can't get the bail amount, a bail bondsman is the only course of action that is left. On our site you can look for a bail bondsman in Metairie. Many of them available day and night.

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