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Bail bonds

If you are detained for a serious criminal offense, you must stay in prison while awaiting the bail hearing. At the bail hearing, the judge will decide the amount of bail that will get you released from prison. If you or a friend has the money available, then there's no problem. But if you don't have any funds available, you will be forced to stay behind bars while waiting for your trial -- a scary thing to consider. Fortunately, there is a way out of your predicament: You or a friend can seek assistance from a bondsman who can put up your bail to the court, to allow you temporary freedom.

But how do you connect with a bondsman ? That's where this site can help: We can help you search for a trusted and dependable bonding company in Norwalk who can pay the necessary bail to allow you to leave prison.

Use a bail bond to gain temporary freedom after an arrest

The legal system permits a bail bondsman to put up a bail bond, also called surety bond, to help individuals arrested and charged with a criminal offense get temporary freedom while waiting for their trial.

The law allows two kinds of bail bond-- a criminal bail bond and a civil bail bond.

To be clear, a judge does not impose a criminal bail bond to punish you for your supposed criminal offense. You are still innocent up until proven guilty. That being said, the judge needs to have an assurance that you will show up in court to face your accuser; therefore, the requirement to post bail. If you show up at all of your arranged criminal procedures as promised, and you are eventually acquitted, the bail amount will be returned to you. In the case that you are found guilty, the bail will be used to take care of the fines and penalties that the court may impose on you. If you miss the court appearances, your bail will be forfeited and you will be subject to arrest.

However, the civil bail bonds imposed on civil cases serve as a guarantee or a surety with the court where the debts, claims, and costs imposed on the defendant can be taken from.

Why do I require a bail bond?

Using a bondsman is among the most economical ways of leaving prison. In the majority of states, the rate for a bail bond is at 10% of the bail amount, which gives you an economical option to get released from jail. So if you are looking to bail somebody out, your first point to consider needs to be to search for a bail bondsman in your city.

Another reason you must think about using a bonding company is the simple fact that they streamline the infamous and equally complicated judicial process. You get in touch with the bail bondsman, give some basic info about yourself or the individual you want to bail out, and they will post the bail in your place. Before you know it, you are released from jail and enjoying an evening meal with your loved ones.

We all understand first impressions are the most lasting, so it probably is an excellent idea to appear before a judge as a trustworthy member of the community in civilian clothing, rather than arriving in a jail jumpsuit. A bondsman offers you the chance to dress the part and show the judge the other side of you.

Here's how the bail bonds process works

In the event that you get arrested and accused of a supposed crime, the very first thing that you should do is to contact a good lawyer and someone, possibly even the attorney himself, that can hook you up with a bail bondsman to start the bail bonds procedure. You or your representative can deal with the bondsman who is going to ask you basic questions like the defendant's name, date of birth, and the area or city of the arrest. The bondsman will then provide you an arrangement for posting your bail bond. When you agree with the agreement, the bail bondsman will take care of all the formalities to to get you released from jail. With help from the bondsman, you can get out of prison and be in the c ompany of your family once again.

Preparing to meet with a bondsman?

You need to have the following information on hand when speaking to the bail bondsman:

  • The suspect's name
  • The jail, city, and county where the offender is held
  • The accused's booking number
  • The charges the offender is facing
  • The amount of the bail

What is accepted as collateral?

In most cases, the bondsman will require collateral with the deal. This is reasonable taking into account the risks involved. An offender is a possible flight risk, and there have been plenty of occasions where a bonds company needed to employ the services of a bounty hunter to recover the fleeing offender.

But what is accepted as collateral? Basically, when a bail bondsman considers an asset valuable, you are able to use it as collateral for the bond. Below are a few examples:

  • Real estate
  • Cars
  • Equities
  • Jewelry
  • Electronic devices
  • Bank accounts
  • Credit cards

If you can't afford the bail bond right now, bonding companies usually have payment plans that you can use. Simply speak with the bail bondsman to figure out what option is best suited with regard to your circumstances.

Use our website to find a bonding company that is perfect for your needs. Almost all of them operate 24x7, ready to help you or a friend to spend the as little time as possible in jail.

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