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Bail bonds

When a person is put behind bars and booked for a major criminal offense, they should wait in jail until a bail hearing. It is at this bail hearing that the judge determines the bail . If that individual can't raise the amount, they need to remain in jail till their court date. However that does not always have to hold true; they can also seek out the help of a bondsman.

Unfortunately, many people wind up staying in jail till their court appearance since the majority of do not have a large sum of money sitting around in the bank.

Our site will assist you with bailing out your loved ones by connecting you to trustworthy and cost effective bail bond representatives in Riverside County.

What exactly is a bail bond?

A bail bond is a surety bond that is supplied by a bonding company to help with the release of a detained person so they can await their court date outside of jail.

There are 2 kinds of bail bond, specifically a criminal bail bond and a civil bail bond.

A criminal bail bond comes into play in criminal cases. It guarantees that the offender appears during the course of the trial and at the same time guarantees that the offender will pay the fines and penalties required by the court.

Civil bail bonds are for civil cases. These use surety on the debts, interests, and expenses imposed on the offender.

A bondsman is your link to freedom

A bondsman is your quick link to getting out of jail after your arrest. If you do not have sufficient funds to pay the bail yourself and gain temporary freedom, your best option is a reputable bail bond company that will post the bail in your place. Most bondsmen ask a premium of 10% of the total bail amount. That is no more than reasonable, considering the risk the company is taking in putting up the money. If you don't show up at trial, the judge will forfeit the bail bond provided by the company. In any case, you need not bother yourself with the finances right now. Your most immediate concern is to get yourself out of jail, and a trustworthy bail bondsman can make that happen.

Additionally, you need not bother yourself with the complex judicial procedure in putting up bail since the bonding company will handle that to assist in your release from prison. All that needs to be done is for you or your representative to call a reliable bail bondsman. That person will offer you a deal, proposing to put up your bail to get you out of jail in return for a small fee. With your consent, the bail bondsman will then post the bail in your place, releasing you from jail.

You still have to attend your trial though. But you will be arriving at court in civilian clothes and not in a prison jumpsuit. That could increase your self-confidence as you deliver your defense. Furthermore, the judge hearing your case will tend to have a more positive impression of you, rather than if you were to show up in court wearing a jail outfit, seeming like you're already guilty of the offense you're charged with even before the judge could make a ruling. You can say thanks to your bail bondsman for making this possible.

How does the bail bond process work?

Finding a good bail agent is important. Sadly, there are deceitful businesses around who prey on unsuspicious people that are already desperate .

So be prepared when you contact a bonding company. Ask all questions you might have, and only after all your worries are quelled should you take the subsequent steps of hiring their services. The bail bondsman can then continue with paying the bail and filing the required papers to get you or a family member released from prison.

What your bondsman needs to know about you

When you or your representative link up with a bail bondsman, the latter will ask the following questions:

  • The name of the defendant
  • The name and location of the jail where the accused is held
  • The booking number in the police blotter
  • The charges filed against the offender
  • Any extra important info

Will the bondsman require collateral for their service?

If a bondsman requires collateral for providing bail will vary between cases, but it is commonplace in the business. As for the type of collateral that is acceptable, the list is just far too long to mention all of it. But if a bail bondsman thinks that an item is valueable, it could be used as collateral. Listed below are just some examples:

  • House or property
  • Cars, boats, yachts
  • Jewelry or gemstones
  • Shares, stocks or equities
  • Bank accounts
  • TV, appliances or gadgets
  • Antiques or art
  • Farm equipment

And when available, you could also take advantage of payment plans provided by a bondsman.

When you or a friend run the risk of staying in prison for quite some time simply because you can't raise the bail money, a bail bondsman is the only alternative that is left. By using our website you can search for a bail bondsman in Riverside County. Many of them available 24x7.

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