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Bail bonds

In its essence, a bail bond is a kind of promise that you are going to show up at your court hearing at the specified date. In return, you will be permitted to remain free even if you are still undergoing trial for a civil or criminal charge. Otherwise, you will sit in jail while waiting on the court to decide on a verdict. A bonding company can post bail for you and get you released from jail.

Depending on the charge, the amount of bail could be steep. Not many accuseds are able to post the bond. There's a good reason why the correctional system is overloaded. However, there's a legal solution to earn your temporary release even if your lawsuit is on-going. With our website you can look for a trusted bonding company in Casas Adobes.

Use a bail bond to gain temporary freedom after an arrest

The law permits a bail bondsman to put up a bail bond, also called surety bond, to help people arrested and accused of a criminal offense get temporary freedom while awaiting their trial.

The law allows two sorts of bail -- a criminal bail bond as well as a civil bail bond.

To make it clear, a judge does not impose a criminal bail bond to punish you for your alleged crime. You are still presumed innocent until proven guilty. However, the judge needs to have a guarantee that you will appear in court to face your accuser; thus, the requirement to post bail. If you attend all your scheduled criminal proceedings as required, and you are eventually acquitted, the bail amount will be given back to you. In case you are found guilty, the bail amount will be used to pay for the fines and penalties that the judge might enforce on you. When you skip the court hearings, the bail will be forfeited and you will be subject to arrest.

On the other hand, the civil bail bonds enforced on civil cases serve as a guarantee or a surety with the court where the debts, interests, and fees enforced on the offender can be paid from.

Why do I need a bail bond?

Using a bail bondsman is among the most cost-effective ways of getting out of jail. In a lot of states, the rate for a bail bond is at 10% of the bail amount, which offers you an economical option to get released from prison. So if you are looking to bail somebody out, your very first consideration ought to be to hire a bail bondsman in your city.

Another reason why you ought to think about utilizing a bonding company is the simple fact that they streamline the infamous and every bit as complicated judicial process. You call the bail bondsman, give some essential information about yourself or the individual you wish to bail out, and they will post the bail on your behalf. Before you know it, you are released from prison and enjoying an evening meal together with your loved ones.

We all know first impressions are the most lasting, so it undoubtedly is an excellent idea to appear before a judge as a trustworthy member of the community in civilian clothes, instead of showing up in a prison jumpsuit. A bail bondsman offers you the opportunity to dress the part and show the judge the other side of you.

Here's how the bail bonds process works

In the event that you get arrested and charged with an alleged felony, the very first thing that you must do is to call a attorney and somebody, perhaps the attorney himself, that can connect you to a bondsman to begin the bail bonds procedure. You or your representative can deal with the bondsman that will ask you common questions like the accused's name, birthdate, and the place or city of the arrest. The bail bondsman will then give you an arrangement for providing your bail bond. Upon your approval of the arrangement, the bondsman will deal with all the formalities to get you released from jail. With the help of the bondsman, you can leave jail and be in the c ompany of your loved ones once more.

Information your bondsman needs to have

If you contact a bonding company, you will have to provide the following details:

  • Your full name if you are the offender
  • The name and location of the jail where the defendant is detained
  • The booking number in the police blotter
  • The complaints filed against the defendant
  • Any extra relevant info

What does a bonding company accept as collateral?

Not everyone will have the money lying around to pay a bail bondsman, however that does not mean you can not utilize one to get yourself or another person out of prison. If you do not have enough money, you can also put up some of your assets as collateral. Some items typically accepted as collateral include:

  • Realty
  • Automobiles
  • Visa or mastercard
  • Stocks
  • Bonds
  • Jewelry
  • Personal credit
  • Bank accounts

Additionally, most bail agents will also provide you with the possibility for a payment plan that you can afford and does not add more pressure throughout these trying times.

The bail bonds procedure can be puzzling and just as wearisome, however the bright side is that many bondsmen are ready to assist you 24×7. With our website you can look for a trusted bonding company in Casas Adobes. They will be more than happy to help you secure you or your loved one from prison!

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