Bail Bonds in Crittenden County, AR

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Bail bonds

If you have been arrested for a major criminal offense, you must remain in jail while awaiting the bail hearing. During the bail hearing, the court will decide the bail amount that will get you released. If you or your family has the money, then there's no problem. However, if you don't have any available funds, you are forced to stay in prison while awaiting your court hearing -- a scary thing to contemplate. The good news is, there is a solution: You or a friend can seek help from a bondsman who can pay your bail to the court, get you released from prison.

But how can you contact a bonding company ? That's where our website can assist you: We will help you find a trustworthy and dependable bondsman in Crittenden County who can post the necessary bail to make it possible for you to leave prison.

What is a bail bond?

If you or your loved one lands in jail, the first order of business is getting released from jail . Depending on the backlog of cases, the judge may not be able to get to your case in weeks or months. During that timespan, you need to stay in prison except when you make bail.

There are several aspects that may affect the amount, and whether your case is bailable in the first place). As an example, the judge will consider your criminal record, the seriousness of the crime you are being charged with, whether you are likely to skip and if you can pay for the bail.

Why do I need a bail bond?

Using a bondsman is among the most cost-efficient ways of getting out of prison. In a lot of states, the rate for a bail bond is 10% of the bail amount, which gives you an economical chance to get released from prison. So if you are seeking to bail somebody out, your primary consideration should be to search for a bondsman in your city.

Another reason why you need to consider using a bonding company is the fact that they simplify the notorious and every bit as complex judicial process. You call the bail agent, give some basic information about yourself or the person you wish to bail out, and they will post the bail on your behalf. Before you know it, you are released from prison and enjoying dinner with your loved ones.

We all understand first impressions are the most lasting, so it certainly is a very good idea to appear before a judge as a trustworthy member of the community in civilian clothing, rather than appearing in a jail jumpsuit. A bondsman offers you the chance to dress the part and show the judge the opposite side of you.

How does the bail bond process work?

Finding the right bondsman is important. Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous businesses out there that prey on unsuspicious families who are already desperate .

So be prepared when you get in touch with a bail bondsman. Ask all your questions, and only once all your questions are answered should you continue with the subsequent steps of hiring them. They can then continue with posting the bail and filing the necessary paperwork to get you or your loved one released.

Going to meet with a bail bondsman?

You should have have the following details handy when speaking with the bondsman:

  • The offender's name
  • The jail, city, and county where the accused is held
  • The accused's booking number
  • The charges the accused is facing
  • The amount of the bail bond

Will the bail bondsman require collateral ?

Whether or not a bondsman will ask for collateral for will vary between cases, but it is a common practice in the business. Regarding the sort of collateral that is accepted, the list is simply far too long to mention everything. But if a bondsman thinks that something is valueable, it can be used as collateral. Below are just a few examples:

  • House or property
  • Cars, boats, yachts
  • Jewelry or gems
  • Shares, stocks or equities
  • Bank accounts
  • TV, appliances or other electronics
  • Antiques or art
  • Farm equipment

And if available, you could also take advantage of payment plans provided by a bondsman.

If you or your loved ones run the risk of remaining in prison for quite some time simply because you can not raise the bail money, a bondsman is the only option that is left. By using our site you can look for a bondsman in Crittenden County. Most of them are open for business 24x7.

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